Module 1 Chapter 6

Quilting Quests 2

Introduction to Machine Quilting

Task 1

For this task I was asked to use the four square blocks I made in a previous chapter and using my machine, I carried out both Outline and Selective quilting.

I have never really enjoyed machine quilting in the past, even though I use a walking foot, I find on bigger items the fabric still puckers. I didn’t have a problem with these small blocks but I was using quilting thread which I have never used on my machine before, maybe this made a difference?

  1. Outline

For this block I didn’t mark the fabric but used my presser foot as a guide alongside the seams



  1. Selective

For this block I used an HB pencil to mark the diagonal lines to quilt along


Task 2

Test Pieces: Fill an A4 page on your course book with small test pieces, each showing a different repeat pattern


When quilting, I prefer straight lined patterns to anything with a curve in it. I have recently seen a plain whole cloth cushion cover by Lindsay Stead (see photo below) having triangles picked out by just the stitches, so it looks like patches made up with stitches and is most effective.


Task 3

For this task I was asked to make up a four square block in 3”x 3” squares, then quilt this block using the presser foot for a guide to keep lines straight and equidistance apart



Task 4

For this talk I made an identical block. I made a wavy template from card, drawing the waves freehand, and then using the template to repeat these lines throughout the block




I had one 4 square block left from a previous chapter and so used this to rotate a curves line pattern onto opposite plain squares, leaving the opposite patterned squares unquilted.



Evaluation of Module 1

So I have come to the end of Level 1 Module 1 and have really enjoyed the challenge. It all did get a little hectic around Christmas, New Year and our February trip to South Africa, but I have finished and look forward to starting the next Module.

As I look over my course book I enjoyed getting together all the pieces of equipment that I would need over the following months, I did have most of the requirements but realised there were other tools out there that would come in handy. I am a fabric hoarder but had never thought about using different papers to plan out ideas. While carrying out the ‘cutting, pressing, scrunching’ table I realised that these are actions which I carry out without thinking when choosing fabrics to use, the same goes for choosing colours and patterns, I lay them alongside each other and pick those that look best together.

I enjoyed making the 4 square blocks and found my tutors feedback helpful, especially when I was asked to repeat the task using the 3 pin method when holding the squares together to sew.

I particularly enjoyed chapter 3, using the rotary cutter. I have used one for years but it was good to carry out different tasks with it.

To be honest, Chapter 4 was probably my least favourite, it was interesting to try the different applique methods but none of which would I use in the future, I don’t think.

I do love hand quilting so Chapter 5 was a hit for me and I enjoyed adding pieces of old blanket into my work. As I have said, I don’t really like machine quilting but I was pleasantly surprised at how I got into the final chapter. I don’t think I will ever use my machine for most of my quilting but I do appreciate how difficult it is and admire those who produce beautifully machine quilted items

Photo’s of me at work


Author: Lindsey Toms

Maker and designer of handmade quilts

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