Health & Safety, Time & Cost Module 1


Health & Safety Rules Observed Module 1

I have my sewing studio set up in a small bedroom and have been using this as both a work room and study.

My sewing machine is situated on a table under the window giving plenty of work area and light.

The electric lead runs under the back of the table to the socket and is well away from the walk way.

I store fabrics and other materials on shelves and in drawers in the same room and in a big chest of drawers on the landing space outside the bedroom, the chest of drawers doubles up as a cutting table and where I iron fabric to use. There is plenty of light in this area and a socket for the iron.

As I suffer with back problems I am constantly aware of posture whilst measuring, cutting and sewing.

I keep all scissors and rotary cutters and blades in a metal storage tray on the chest of drawers where I cut fabric. My cutting mats are on top of this chest.

I often have grandchildren visit and so am aware of moving these items into my studio when they are around.



Time Log for Module 1

Date Activity/Chapter Approximate time spent
28/9/16 Chap 1 gathering fabric

Tasks 1,2,3

2.5 hrs
5/10/16 Marker test task6 1 hr
19/10/16 Task4 30 mins
20/10/16 Tasks 5,6 1 hr
  Upload to blog 1 hr
23/11/16 Chap 2 task 1,2 1 hr
24/11/16 Task 1,2 45 mins
19/12/16 Task 3, 4, 5 1.45 hrs
20/12/16 Task 6,7 2 hrs
21/12/16 Task 8,9 1.45
22/12/16 Blog chap 2 2.15
6/1/17 Chap 3 sort fabric, iron fabric, read thru chap 3 1.40
10/1/17 Photograph, prep fabric, rotary cutting fabric & paper 1.30
  Write up 3 hrs
12/1/17 P45-55 & write up 3 hrs
13/1/17 Finish off 2 hrs
14/1/17 Complete course book post on blog 5 hrs
18/1/17 Chap 4- whole chapter, do work, write up, blog and complete course book 5.5 hrs
20/1/17 Chap 5, task1 + write up 2 hrs
21/1/17 Task 2,3,4 + write up 6 hrs
22/1/17 Task 5,6,7 + write up 4 hrs
25/1/17 Finish writing up, printing photos and mounting all in course book 3 hrs
27/1/17 Blog chap 5 1 hr
5/3/17 Chap 6, carry out, mount work and photos in book, blog 4 hrs

                      Cost Sheet

Date Item Supplier Cost of item Amount used Estimated cost
24/9/16 Marking pens Berkhamsted Arts      
  Sketch book     whole book  
  glues   Total £28.44   £28.44
30/9/16 Tailors chalk Merchant & Mills     £2.00



Author: Lindsey Toms

Maker and designer of handmade quilts

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